I wasnt talking about contemporary Scottish poetry. I was thinking
about poetry in English. Now I will think about Scottish poetry.

Donny O'Rourke's anthology is miles away from my thinking down here.
Tom Leonard writes very little and the Six Glasgow Poems still stand
out. I think you have to go to the prose, which I havent read, for
a followup to MacDiarmid. I am not very impressed with Don Patterson,
who I listened to last Sunday. W.N.Herbert may be nearer
it but only when he writes in Dundonian.
There is really only Edwim Morgan left in Scotland
and he churns out lots of debris. And Carcanet have let
Sorley go out of print.

I dont think I am impressed with any poetry these days and
Scotland is no exception. I am just understanding Prynne
which deflates him. Bring back the Moderns!

And you had a point for me to answer. Must reread your message
again and see what it was. But Meg Bateman is writing again!
Hurrah for these marital disasters.