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> Kind of like those well-meaning people who think "to subvert" is an 
> intransitive verb.  Anyone seen or heard Prynne complain about, or 
> celebrate, a text`s resistance? 

I wasn't at the conference & your question is discourse-rhetorical,
no? I do know that Prynne's first published piece (in a magazine called
"Prospectus" he, Prynne, ran as student with John Rathmell and Elaine
Feinstein) was called "Resistance and Difficulty".

John Rathmell tells me they were all interested in Husserl's
phenomenology (J.R. still shakes head in wonder at J.H.P's subsequent
Black Mount Olive School conversion). I haven't, oddly, rushed off to
UL and read "Prospectus", so I have not apprehended with the senses,
"Resistance and Difficulty", the celebration or complaint thereof.
"Resistance and Difficulty" would coincide, one supposes, with writing of  
disowned poetry book.

If you believe in authorial intentionality.   

Yours sacramentarianally,