At 03/04/98 09:43:31, Ted Slade <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
#  George
#  Isn't the problem that poetry is anyway hypertextual, containing
#  references, allusions, multiple meanings, non-poetic images, concealed
#  rhythms, not all of which are consciously put there by the poet, and
#  which the serious reader has to tease out, not by a single linear
#  reading, but by repeated and close study? And if you try to formalize
#  this by developing the hypertext poem in which every such nuance is
#  represented by a link the reader can follow, aren't you in danger of
#  destroying rather than enhancing the essential interplay between the
#  reader and the poem?

Maybe the hypertextual poem will be a "hopeful monster" - something that
may not live beyond it's novelty. Then again, it might develop it's own
kinetics with a life of it's own.