Thomas Tsigaridas wrote:
> I am preparing a thesis on the Coronation of Charlemagne, but the
> literature I have encountered so far mention this only in a brief and
> general manner. While these books considers the coronation to have been a
> mere strategic military and political move from Leo III, I hope to find
> literature that deals with the coronation from a more *theological* point
> of view, seeing it as a *religious* act, not military or political. If
> someone could give me some relevant titles, and maybe information on where
> to find out about recent research and theories, I would be most grateful.
> Thomas Tsigaridas
> University of Oslo

Perhaps you might consider Judith Herrin, _The Formation of
Christendom_(Princeton University Press, 1987). ISBN 0-691-00831-0. See
especially chapters 10 and 11, respectively "The Carolingian Innovation"
and "The Two Emperors of Christendom." Her bibliography is very helpful.

See also Heirich Fichtenau, _The Carolingian Empire_, trans. Peter Munz
(Basil Blackwell, 1968).

As far as recent research is concerned, you may want to check the annual
bibliography of French historical studies, _Bibliographie annuelle de
l'histoire de France_, published by the Centre Nationale de la Recherche
Scientifique, Paris, 1953 ff.


Steve Harris
Loyola Chicago