Today, 23 December, is the feast of ...

* Theodulus, Saturninus and others, martyrs in Crete (c. 250)

* Victoria, virgin and martyr (253)
- following the exhortations of her friend St Anatolia, she refused to
marry a pagan

* Migdonius, Mardonius, and others, martyrs at Nicomedia (303)

* Servulus, confessor (590)
- a beggar afflicted with palsy from infancy, he lived in the porch of St
Clement's church in Rome, where he would preach to passers-by; when people
gathered around him at his death bed and sang hymns, he sang along with
them until he said, 'Be quiet now, I hear sweet music from heaven!', at
which point he died

* Mazota or Mayota, virgin (seventh century)
- a contemporary of St Columba, she lived in a church at Abernethy, where
the Irish king and all his family were baptized

* Ivo, confessor (1115)
- bishop of Chartres, and great canonist

* Thorlac, confessor (1193)
- apparently, the remains of his body in Skalholt cathedral show his
skeleton to be normal except for the skull; according to Baring-Gould,
this is in fact a coconut

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Carolyn Muessig
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