Today, 9 December, is the feast of ... 

* Hipparchus and his companions, the seven martyrs of 
Samosata (c. 300?)
- the account in the *passio* that tells of the baptism by 
Hipparchus of five of the other soon-to-be-martyrs is of 
interest regarding early liturgy regarding baptism; the 
text is translated from the Syriac into French in H. 
Leclercq, *Les martyrs*, vol. 2 (1903) pp. 391-403

* Leocadia, virgin and martyr (304?) 
- patron of Toledo (Spain, not Ohio)

* Gorgonia, matron (c. 372) 
- eldest child of St Gregory Nazianzen the Elder and his 
wife, St Nonna; sister of St Gregory Nazianzen (the 
Younger?) and St Caesarius

* Budoc or Beuzec, abbot (6th century?)
- some of the many miracles related in the *vita* deal with 
the mother of the saint, who was the daughter of the king 
of Brest; in order to distract a snake that was biting her 
father, she smeared her breast with milk and aromatic oil; 
the snake bit her breast and would not let go, so she had 
to cut her breast off; God, in recognition of her piety, 
gave her back a breast of gold

Carolyn Muessig
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