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>Flavius Lucius Dexter, Chronicon (PL 31) includes a reference to the 
>martyrdom of the magi using the Latin names;  but there is a footnote to 
>the text giving alternative names:  Galgalath, Malgalath, Sarrachim.
>tom izbicki

Dear Tom,

This would change the chronology considerably, because according to Metzger
the earliest attestation of the Latin names is a text which itself goes
back to a Greek chronicle dating only from the 6th century. Do you know
anything about Flavius Julius Dexter and the date and authenticity of his
Chronicle? I wonder why I don't find him in the (few) works of reference
which I happen to have at hand. A quick web search yielded only his
presence in PL 31, a 4th century inscription exhibiting this name and the
following item in some catalogue of "New & Old World Hispanica": 

    Antonio, Nicolás. Censura de historias fabulosas, obra
    posthuma...Publěca...Don Gregorio Mayŕns i Siscŕr.... 
    Valencia: Antonio Bordazar de Artazu, 1742. Folio. 

    First edition of this immensely important study of fake 
    chronicles: Chiefly taken to task are the chronicles of
    Flavius Lucius Dexter, Maximus (Bishop of Zaragoza), 
    Luitprando, and Julián Pérez. The work was printed 
    posthumously and edited by the great 18th-century 
    historian Gregorio Mayans y Siscar. Includes Mayans's 
    40-page biography of Don Nicolás.

Book sellers' catalogues on the web are not my preferred source for
gathering info on 4th century chroniclers, but the term "fake chronicles"
gives me to worry. Can you put my heart at rest?


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