Today, 23 October, is the feast of ...

* Theodoret, martyr (362)
- killed after debate with the uncle of Julian the Apostate, whose
name was also Julian, and who also was an apostate
- uncle Julian not only got in trouble from his namesake for
having created such a noteworthy martyr, but he immediately fell ill, and
suffered horribly for 40 days until he died

* Severinus / Seurin, bishop of Bordeaux (c. 420)
- a voice and miracle indicated that he should become bishop of
Cologne, and he did; same thing happened with Bordeaux, where he succeeded
St Amand

* Severinus Boethius, martyr (524)
- best-selling author and translator (*Consolation of Philosophy*,
Greek philosophical works)
- despite recurrent debates whether he really was a Christian when
he died, pope Leo XIII in 1883 confirmed his cult in Pavia and the church
of Santa Maria in Portico in Rome

* Romanus, bishop of Rouen (c. 640)
- famous on account of *privilege de la Fierte* or of the *Chasse
de St Romain*, whereby, until the Revolution, the parlement of Rouen freed
a criminal condemned to death
- this arose from legend that Romanus killed a great serpent named
Gargouille, with the aid of a murderer he had taken out of a dungeon

* Ignatius, patriarch of Constantinople (877)
- son of emperor Michael, his life was marked by political activity
- major figure at ecumenical council of Constantinople IV (869),
which condemned his archrival Photius

* Allucio (1134)
- patron of Pescia in Tuscany, was a shepherd who became involved
with almshouse of Val di Nievole; founded shelters at fords, mountain
passes, bridges; credited with bringing peace between Ravenna and Faenza

* John Buoni (1249)
- after years of debauchery, converted and lived as a hermit
- to escape the crowds drawn to his hermitage, he went out one
night and walked continuously until dawn, when he found himself in front
of his hermitage; he took this as a sign that he was meant to remain in
that place, and he did
- founded congregation of penitents

* Bartholomew, bishop of Vicenza (1271)
- Dominican, served as bishop of Cyprus and befriended St Louis of
France, but later ran into trouble with Ezzelino da Romano
- preached the panegyric at the second translation of the relics
of St Dominic
- sermons -- very interesting, and among the earliest to form a
Mariale collection -- have been recently edited:
Bartolomeo da Breganze O.P., *I _Sermones de beata Virgine_ (1266)*.
Introduzione ed edizione critica di Laura Gaffuri. Padova: Editrice
Antenore, 1993. [Series Fonti per la storia della terraferma veneta, 7].
Pp. CLXXXVIII + 882 [!].

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Carolyn Muessig
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