Today, 11 October, is the feast of ...

Tarachus, Probus and Andronicus, martyrs (304): In Pompeiopolis in
Cilicia, when taken to the amphitheatre to be killed by wild animals, the
beasts refused to eat them and the spectators tried to leave. But the
governor forced the public to remain while his gladiators killed the

Nectarius, archbishop of Constantinople (397): Despite being married and a
father, and not being baptized yet, he was named bishop anyway; he soon
was baptized (and we know nothing of his family) - his predecessor was
Gregory Nazianzen, his succesor John Chrysostom.

Canice or Kenneth, abbot (599): Irishman, son of a bard, founded several
monasteries throughout Ireland before accompanying Columba - when Pictish
King Brude threatened him with a sword, he paralyzed the king's hand by
making a sign of the cross.

Agilbert, bishop of Paris (688): After missionary work in Britain (he
ordained St Wilfrid), he returned to the continent partly due to his
difficulty in making himself understood in olde English - after becoming
bishop of Paris, Saxon king Coenwalh asked him to return, despite his
outrageous accent; Agilbert sent his nephew Eleutherius instead.

Gummarus or Gommaire (774): Native of Brabant, his wife was such an
extravagant and perverse person that he was pleased to absent himself for
eight years, accompanying king Pepin; upon his return, he found his wife
had become even worse, yet he managed to persuade her to change her ways,
but only temporarily; finally giving up life with this person, he left
home and became a hermit.

Bruno the Great, archbishop of Cologne (965): Youngest son of Emperor
Henry the Fowler and St Matilda, became archbishop of Cologne in 953, and
was continually involved in aiding his brother Otto in political affairs
while paying particular attention to the education of German clergy.

James of Ulm (1491): Dominican laybrother in Bologna, noted for unfailing
obedience and his incredible skill of painting on glass; also known for
his ecstasies.

Carolyn Muessig
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