Today, 10 October, is the feast of ...

Gereon and companions, martyrs (?): According to the Roman martyrology, a
whole heap o' martyring took place on this day in the area of Cologne;
yet, the first passio we have for any of them was composed in the early
thirteenth century by Helinand of Froidmont.

Eulampius and Eulampia, martyrs (310): Brother and sister martyrs; died
after various tortures (including a bath in boiling oil) culminated with
their heads being severed from their necks.

Maharsapor, martyr (421): A noble Persian, after years of imprisonment he
was placed in a pit for several days; when the guards finally checked on
him, his lifeless body was on its knees and bathed in light.

Cerbonius, bishop of Populonia (575): Patron of Massa Marittima (Tuscany);
since he lived the common life with his clergy, his feast is kept by the
Canons Regular of the Lateran.

Paulinus, bishop of York (644): One of the second group of missionaries
sent to England by Gregory the Great, he became guardian of Ethelburga
until she became queen, at which time he converted her husband Edwin, King
of Northumbria. Widespread cult in northern England

Daniel and companions, martyrs (1227): Seven Franciscans who tried to
convert Muslims in Morocco, but were very soon put to death.

Carolyn Muessig
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