On Thu, 30 Oct, Frank Schaer wrote:

>OnThu, 30 Oct Thomas Izbicki wrote:
>> Flavius Lucius Dexter, Chronicon (PL 31) includes a reference to
>> the martyrdom of the magi using the Latin names;  but there is a
>> footnote to the text giving alternative names:  Galgalath,
>> Malgalath, Sarrachim.
>The "Greek" version of their names, acc. to Hist. Scholastica, which
>also cites a third "Hebrew" set: Appellius, Amerus and Damascus.

Of course, the "Hebrew" set is "Galgalath, Malgalath, Sarachim", whereas
the "Greek" version should be "Appellus, Amerus, Damasius". Petrus Comestor
(or his source) confused the two sets.

Ulrich Schmid,
Netherlands Institute for Advanced Studies