>On Fri, 3 Oct 1997, Joseph Pope wrote:
>> Dear All, 
>>         Can anybody help identify this book which was printed in Venice in
>> 1584.  The title is De Sacrificio Missae.  It is by Michaelis Timothei
>> Gateensis,I.U.D.     Is it a first edition?  Who might that Michael Timothy
>> have been?
>> And please  let not someone say the question or the answer is too obvious.
>>                                 Joe Pope
>Dear Joe,
>I don't have the work at hand, but do you think this work is too late to
>look up in the Katalog der Wiegendrucke? Perhaps some other member has
>access to that?
>Did anyone ever say obvious answers or questions were anathema? (Past
>discussions are easily misconstrued !)

This (dear Frans) is not yet my long promised posting on
Augustine/Victorine/Thomistic views on "res ut signa", but only a brief
remark followed by some additions. The brief remark: "Wiegendrucke"
(Incunabula) is a term of dubious value, because the meaning is not based
on significant historical changes in the history of early printings, but
this meaning nevertheless is precise: the term refers to printings before
1500. This was the closing date for Hain's _Repertorium bibliographicum in
quo libri omnes ab arte typographica inventa usque ad annum 1500
recensentur_, and I suppose (although I cannot verify it at the moment)
that it was also the closing date for the GKW. Both might nevertheless be
useful if the edition from Venice 1584 was a reprint of a work printed
before 1500. Yet to check a book printed at Venice in 1584 I would start
with the _Short-Title-Catalogue of Books Printed in Italy and of Italian
Books printed in Other Countries from 1465 to 1600 now in the British
Museum_, London 1958. 

The additions: Not having the STC within reach, I tried the web, where I
found a slightly earlier edition in three on-line catalogues (Bayerische
Staatsbibliothek Muenchen, Herzog-August-Bibliothek Wolfenbuettel,
Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana). The entry in the Vaticana
(telnet:// was the most complete, giving the full name of
the printer, but somehow my telnet application broke down when I got it on
my screen, and so I left it at that. The entry in the HAB
(telnet:[log in to unmask]), accessed through the GBV on-line
catalogue ( via Karlsruher Virtueller
Katalog (, reads:

	In Divinum Officium, Trecentum Quaestiones] Michaelis Timothei ...
       In Divinum Officium, Trecentum Quaestiones : In Decem Tractatus 
       partiae ... / Michael Timotheus. - Venetiis : Ziletti, 1581. - 
       144 Bl.

	Michael Timotheus 

 	0023 hab wolfenbu"ttel<23>

The HAB also has an entry for the person of the author, but all it has to
offer is the year 1581 derived from the year of this edition.

The KVK spills some more works of this author, printed in the 80ies and
90ies of the 16th century, but I found no biographic info. The toponym (?)
quoted in Joe Pope's original query, Gateensis, is an aenigma to me (and
does not show up in the catalogue entries I viewed), and so is the acronym
I.U.D. (or I.V.D. according to some of the catalogue entries), but I anyway
don't know much about geography or acronyms (or about treatises _De
sacrificio missae_, for that matter).



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