One of our clients is tracking a passage of Augustine on the stars
etc which he remembers clearly but cannot now place.

Augustine speaks to sun, stars, earth, moon etc, asking each in turn,
Are you my God? And each in turn answers, No. So he says:

  If you are not my God, speak to me of him  Et voce magna
clamaverunt, Ipse nos fecit. Responsio eorum fuit pulchritudo eorum.

That is at least the sense of the passage. 

We found Sermo 241.2 in Migne (PL38.1134) by snooping in van der
Meer. But our client says it is not the passage he recalls.
      Interroga solem fulgore sue diem clarificantem, interroga
      lunam splendore sequentis noctis tenebras temperantem...
      respondent tibi omnia, Ecce vide, pulchra sumus. Pulchritudo
      eorum, confession eorum... 

Is he right? Is there another, similar passage?


Anselm Cramer OSB
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