Could you be more forthcoming about which texts you are considering?
This would help us in our suggestions.

Clinton Atchley
Univeristy of Washington
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On Thu, 16 Oct 1997, Marcus Johns wrote:

> 	Many thanks to those of you who responded to my query. If I am
> correct, the gist of your answers was that during the fourteenth and
> fifteenth centuries the sermon and the homily were considered as one and
> the same and in is only modern interpretations that have seen the two as
> performing a different liturgical function.
> 	This, however, leads me to ask a follow on question. I am a thesis
> student writting a comparison of Lollard and Orthodox middle English
> sermons but have handicapped by a lack of available Orthodox sources.
> However, ample homilies exist, particularly in the E.E.T.S. series and it
> has been suggested that I supplement my Orthodox sermons with homilies.
> What do others think? is this acceptable or would I be pushing my luck too
> far?
> 		Cheers,
> 		Marcus.