I have just received form a friend in Oxford a coloured flysheet

   Dictionnaire Encyclopedique du Moyen Age
   Editions du Cerf, Paris  FF1490 till the end of 1997
It looks attractive: but before I leap about to buy it in
French, can some one tell me if it is actually published in three
tongues: because I notice on the front cover it mentions as
        Cerf - Clarke - Citta
Is Mr Clarke putting out the same pictures with English
version of text (and Sig.Citta the same in Italian)?

Who is this Mr Clarke, and where does he lurk? At present I do not
recognise him as a UK publisher: but it often happens that nobody
tells me anything, so I could be wrong.



Anselm Cramer OSB
Ampleforth Abbey, York 
GB - YO6 4EN
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