> I am in the process of ordering microfilms of manuscripts for my next
> research project and am having trouble finding addresses for two libraries:
> Bibliotheque du Consistoire in Colmar and Worcester Cathedral Library. I
> have checked The World of Learning, all the reference books on British and
> French Libraries in my library, and obvious topics on the internet (using
> Altavista).  I am now open for suggestions.  I know that it is also possible
> that the collections of either library might have been moved to another
> holding, so any information of that kind would be welcome, too.
> Thanks in advance for addresses and/or suggestions of relevant reference works.
> Kim Rivers
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	The best resource I've found is K.G. Saur, "World Guide to
	Libraries", 12th ed., 1995.

	As good as it is, though, I couldn't find Worcester under
	United Kingdom--Ecclesiastical Libraries; or Colmar under
	France--(all categories).

	Sorry. If your library doesn't have Saur, I'd recommend it as
	an acquisition.

	Chris Nighman
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