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Subject: 	Re: Muslim views of Scripture

Thank you very much to Otfried Lieberknecht, Tom Izbicki, Georges Whalen,
Tim Rayburn, and Carolyn (and your colleague Robert Gleave) for much
enlightenment on the subject. The summary by Gleave helped put things
into persepctive, and if I have the chance, I'd be interested to track down
the Peter the Venerable and other texts (the Jacques de Vitry I do have,
but hadn't considered in this regard - thanks for the reminder!).

I can see that the issue of omitted or reinterpreted passages is a dead-end
subject between the two religions, for which no documentation can provide a
mutually acceptable solution.

Monica Sandor

Dear Monica,
Do let me know when you hear about your tenure.  I am keeping my fingers crossed but surely it will be fine.  I faxed and sent a letter to your Head of Department.  Look forward to seeing you in Liège,
All best wishes,