> At least in the case of rural parish churches, those founded by individual
> lords, I agree All Saints might represent a compromise or perhaps an attitude 
> akin to "let's get them all in at once and have done"; but in any event, would
> not the founder'/s' preferences or predilections have to be taken into account?  
> Regards to all, John Parsons

I think that's precisely the point of interest: that the preference of the
founder(s) could well have been toward an all-inclusive, 'buy one get them
all free' dedication policy. It is presently in the domain of research
undertaken by scholars like Graham that we will come to know the many
micro-histories of such dedications and foundations; in the meantime, we
would have to search haphazardly through mountains of texts to find
occasional mentions of the motives of founders.


PS: Is there a bibliography pointing to (primary) sources dealing with
foundations and their raisons d'e^tre?