>I go into this a bit in my thesis. I'm thinking that Peter's works 
>may have been inteneded for Spainish Christians, living in  the 
>"dangerous" frontier areas where they may have been tempted by Islam. 
>Remembering that many of these were still Arabic-speaking, if any 
>translations were to be done, this would be a logical audience. 
>I think there is far more to the Toledo translation project than 
>there first appears...

Dear Tim,

I wonder how you accord this hypothesis with the actual provenance and
diffusion of the extant manuscripts of the Collectio Toletana. And I fail to
see why Arabic speaking Christians would have been a "logical audience" for
Latin translations of Arabic sources. In any case, I would like to know more
about your diss. When and where has (will?) it been published?



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