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> Subject:       Re: Peter the Venerable and Muslims
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> Tim,
> I would go one step beyond what you say about Peter and suggest that 
> these works may have been intended more to reinforce Western Christian 
> opinions rather than to convert Muslims.  The same may beargued about Pius 
> II's famous letter to Mohammed II, which Pius probably intended to be 
> seen by Europeans, not by Turks.  Nicholas of Cusa, who gets quoted on 
> the side of dialogue, tends to waver between hope to convert Muslims and 
> Jews or even to unite them in some common *religio* (probably founded on 
> Christianity).  Juan de Segovia is closer to what Kritzeck wanted to see 
> in Peter than was Peter himself.
> tom izbicki


I go into this a bit in my thesis. I'm thinking that Peter's works 
may have been inteneded for Spainish Christians, living in  the 
"dangerous" frontier areas where they may have been tempted by Islam. 
Remembering that many of these were still Arabic-speaking, if any 
translations were to be done, this would be a logical audience. 

I think there is far more to the Toledo translation project than 
there first appears...