>On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, CLUSE CHRISTOPH wrote:
>>  Talking of Caesarius reminds me of Gary Dickson's lament that his 
>> Dialogus wasn't available in a cheap edition. What about putting our 
>> excerpts on the net somewhere? (e.g. at the Sermons Studies homepage, 
>Would someone please post the URL for the Sermons Studies homepage?
>Clint Atchley

It seems that Christoph was referring to the homepage of the _International
Medieval Sermon Studies Society_, set up by our listowner George at the
following address:

BTW: Should someone have e-texts of the kind Christoph suggested, and should
s/he wish to make them available on the net, s/he might contact me, because
I still have several MB of free diskspace on the AOL server of my own homepage.


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