Today, 30 September, is the feast of...

Jerome, doctor (420): His father took great care to have his son
instructed in religion and in the first principles of letters and sent him
to Rome for education. Jerome had there as a tutor the famous pagan
grammarian Donatus. Concerning his translation of the Bible, Butler
writes: "His new translation from the Hebrew of most of the books of the
Old Testament was the work of his years of retreat at Bethlehem ... He did
not translate the books in order, but began by the books of Kings, and
took the rest in hand at different times. The only parts of the Latin
Bible called the Vulgate which were not either translated or worked over
by Jerome are the books of Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch and the two
books of Machabees."

Gregory the Enlightener, bishop of Ashtishat (330): Also known as the
'Illuminator', he evangelized Armenia. At the Council of Nicaea, he was
represented by his son, St Aristakes.

Honorius, archbishop of Canterbury (653): A Roman monk, in 644 he
consecrated the first English bishop, St Ithamar.

Simon de Crepy (1082): Count of Crepy in Valois, and a relative of Matilda
the wife of William the Conqueror, he escaped an arranged marriage by
entering the abbey of St-Claude at Condat (Jura). He assisted pope Gregory
VII in his negotiations with the Normans, and received last rites from the
same pope.

Carolyn Muessig
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