Today, 29 September, is the feast of...

Michael the Archangel: Actually, this is the feast of the dedication of a
basilica to Michael, either on the Salarian Way 9 km from Rome or on Mount
Gargano. Christian tradition gives Michael four offices: (1) To fight
against Satan. (2) To rescue the souls of the faithful from the power of
the devil, especially at the hour of death. (3) To be the champion of
God's people. (4) To call away from earth and bring people's souls to

Rhipsime, Gaiana and companions, virgins and martyrs (312): Apparently the
protomartyrs of the Armenian Church.

Theodota, martyr (318): While being martyred, kept asking to receive more
tortures inflicted upon herself.

Richard of Hampole, mystic (1349): Also known as Richard Rolle, author of
*Incendium amoris*. The Breviary of the Church of York had an office
prepared for his feast, to which this warning was attached: "The Office of
Saint Richard, hermit, after he shall be canonized by the Church, but in
the meantime it is not allowed to sing the canonical hours *de eo* in
public, nor to solemnize his feast. Nevertheless, having evidence of the
extreme sanctity of his life, we may venerate him in our private devotions
seek his intercession, and commend ourselves to his prayers." (Richard was
never officially canonized.)

Carolyn Muessig
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