Today, 23 September is the feast of...

Linus, pope and martyr (79): His martyrdom is doubtful as no persecution
is recorded in his time; moreover, Irenaeus names only Telesphorus as a
martyr among the earliest popes after Peter.

Thecla of Iconium, virgin and martyr (first century): Referred to
liturgically in the East as "protomartyr among women and equal with the

Adamnan (or Eunan), abbot of Iona (704): At the Council of Birr he was
instrumental in persuading the assembly that women should not take part in
warfare and that they and their children should be neither killed nor
taken as prisoners.

Mark of Modena, Dominican (1498): Renowned preacher. Was prior of the
friary at Pesaro where he worked many miracles.

Helen of Bologna, widow (1520): Butler writes: "The common people, who
have an almost unerring instinct for detecting true holiness, knew she was
a saint."


Carolyn Muessig
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