Today, 12 September, is the feast of ...

* Ailbhe, bishop (c. 526?)
	- he was abandoned at birth and raised by a she-wolf; when he
became bishop, he saved this she-wolf who was being chased by hounds, and
from then on he fed her at his own table

* Eanswida, virgin (c. 640)
	- daughter of St Ethelbert, the first Christian king among the
English; she died on 31 August, but this is the feast of the translation
of her relics in c. 1140

* Guy d'Anderlecht (c. 1012)
	- a simple lay person, he lived a simple life as sacristan of the
church of Our Lady at Laeken (near Brussels) before making pilgrimages to
Rome and Jerusalem; a popular patron of people who work with horses

* Name of Mary (fifteenth century?)
	- following Bernardino of Siena's preaching on the name of Jesus,
this devotion seems to have been born; first known feast was in Cuenca
(Spain) in 1513

* Victoria Fornari-Strata, widow (1617)
	- founded the Blue Nuns of Genoa (not responsible for any
eponymous cheap wines)

* * * * * * * * * *
George Ferzoco