Today, 10 September, is the feast of ...

* Nemesian and companions, martyrs (257)
	- Nemesian, a bishop, and many other Christians of Numidia died
during the persecution of Valerian

* Menodora, Metrodora and Nymphodora, virgins and martyrs (304?)
	- lovely names; three orphan sisters of Bithynia, they were killed
by the governor Fronto

* Pulcheria, virgin (453)
	- lovely name; granddaughter to Theodosius the Great, she was
accused of infidelity with 'a handsome but gouty officer', and exiled to
Jerusalem; on her return to the court, she nominated Marcian as emperor,
and married him on condition that her chastity be respected

* Finnian of Moville, bishop (c. 579)
	- as a young monk in Strathclyde, he attracted the love of a
Pictish princess who was made ill by his saintly indifference; he
eventually matched her with a more suitable candidate; like S. Frigidian
(or Frediano) of Lucca, he changed the course of a river by prayer, so
that a mill could be built close to his monastery

* Salvius, bishop of Albi (584)
	- a friend of Gregory of Tours, he worked among victims of the 584
plague; when he felt himself dying, he ordered his coffin to be made and
changed his clothes before giving up the ghost

* Theodard, bishop of Maastricht (670?)
	- when held up by robbers in the forest of Bienwald, he made a long
speech to them, to which they replied with a quotation from Horace before
killing him

* Aubert, bishop of Avranches (c. 725?)
	- founder of the church of Mont-Saint-Michel early in the eighth

* Nicholas of Tolentino (1305)
	- like other miracle-workers of the time, this Augustinian friar
would distribute bread as a cure for illness; canonized in 1446

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George Ferzoco