Elizabeth Altman writes:

> I am preparing a paper for my doctoral exam in Comparative Literature and
> was wondering if anybody was familiar enough with the status and
> distribution of monastic houses in Germany at the turn of the thirteenth
> century to speculate as to the control they might have exercised over lay
> education at the time.  I am particularly interested in determining any
> specific theological influences on the work of Wolfram von Eschenbach, whose
> major patron was Landgrave Hermann of Thuringia.

You might find some of this information by examining the sources on St.
Elizabeth of Hungary. Elizabeth came to the Wartburg to be betrothed to
Hermann's son (also named Hermann). Upon his death she married Ludwig, and
eventually became Landgrafin von Thu"ringen. Her influence helped establish
the Franciscans in this part of Germany.

You might also check to see whether the Wartburg published a catalog to
accompany last fall's exhibit on Medieval Thuringian book art.

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