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              CALL FOR PAPERS: May 1997 at Kalamazoo

             Early Franciscans in the North and East:
         Education, Preaching, and Missionary Activities
                      in the 13th Century

     Shortly after the death of St. Francis, the Order established studia
not only in Italy, France, and England, but also in Germany.  Moreover, it
spread, largely from Germany into Bohemia, Poland, Prussia, Lithuania,
Livonia, Denmark, Sweden, various Slavic lands, and even into the
territories held by the Mongols.  The Franciscan missionaries going there
had to be trained, but we know comparatively little of their training,
their preaching, and other activities.
     Though some of the missions to these lands have been discussed
(particularly the Mongol mission of John de Plano Carpini), in my work on
Bartholomaeus Anglicus I have found that the educational institutions and
practices have been largely ignored by modern researchers when it comes to
publication.  Though the preaching of Berthold von Regensburg is well
known in general, the preaching of others and their missionary work
further afield have been alluded to, but not much discussed.
     Therefore, I have proposed this session to investigate the
activities of the Franciscans in these areas--geographical & topical.  The
usual limits apply: 3 (maximum 4) papers will be accepted, with a *STRICT*
reading limit of 20 minutes (if 3--15 minutes if 4 papers).  Abstracts of
papers should be sent to me for *receipt* by September 15th:

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