dear Malcolm Jones
there is perhaps a theological and theoretical question on whether "real 
atheism" would escape classification as a heresy;  it would certainly be 
considered an error.  There is a short article by Walter Wakefield that 
deals with a few people who had quasi-atheist beliefs in france in the 
thirteenth century,  drawn from the records of inquisition:  
W.L.Wakefield "Some Unorthodox Popular Ideas of the Thirteenth Century",  
Medievalia et Humanistica new series 4 (1973);  similarly,  work drawn 
from the Fournier registers of the fourteenth century,  see Llobet 
"Variete des croyances populaires au Comte de Foix au debut du XIVe 
siecle...",  Cahiers de Fanjeaux v.11 (Toulouse:  Privat,  1976).

There is also Susan Reynolds excellent article on scepticism in one of 
the latest volumes of T.R.H.S. - i don't have the exact reference I'm afraid.

The inquisition registers are my area,  and there is in fact a good deal 
more that can be said about belief,  unbelief and atheism;  all this will 
have to wait until the thesis is completed [in a month? everybody please 
cross their fingers for me!],  unless someone else pips me to the post...

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On Wed, 4 Sep 1996, M.H.Jones wrote:

> A friend has asked me if I'm aware of any recent work on real 
> atheism [as opposed to heresy] and specifically Averroism (esp. in 
> connexion with Frederick II) -- I had to confess my ignorance, but 
> said I would ask all you out there! Bibliographical suggestions 
> gratefully accepted and forwarded to the inquirer,
> thanks in advance,
>                Malcolm Jones, Univ. Sheffield