As does Geoffrey of Monmouth in the Arthurian section of his Historia 
Regnum Britanniae (if memory serves me correctly). Again, though, only 
just pre-1150...



PS A quick introduction from a long-time lurker, first-time 
contributer (to paraphrase the immortal Bart Simpson). My interest 
in medieval religion stems from my undergraduate days at Birmingham 
University, when I was especially interested in late medieval 
heresies, although as that was some time ago, and my knowledge very 
rusty indeed, I will now probably return to lurking for the 
foreseeable future :)

> > 
> > Can anyone inform me about pre-1150 examples of the use of the
> > metaphor of the wheel of fortune in medieval literary or historical texts?
> > 
> >Wace uses it in his Brut, but that's a little late for you - about 1155 if my memory serves me.  
> I'll check the reference if you like.  Oriens.

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