> I hesitate to puff off my own work, but I did write about the connections of
> Jews, dogs, and pigs in my book on late medieval law and folklore. Yes, dogs
> are connected with Jews in many cases. Notably, the "Jewish execution" of
> upside-down hanging (pace Guido Kisch), was often accompanied, especially in
> Germany, by the hanging of two dogs on either side of the executed Jew.
> Esther Cohen, Jerusalem

Dear Esther,
  thanks very much, and please don't be shy. Here's the reference to 
your book (sorry for not thinking of it earlier):

Esther Cohen, *The Crossroads of Justice: Law and Culture in Late 
Medieval France* (Leiden, New York and Cologne: Brill, 1993), esp. 
pp. 84-99

To Susan Einbinder's remarks, I might add that a (non-Jewish) friend 
who used to teach at a Jewish (Hasidic) school told me of the 
extraordinary fear the children (and their parents) had of dogs. 
Thanks to everyone for the many helpful references, biblical and 

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