>From your 'umble forwarder.  I'm not in the loop on this one,
but I *do* know I haven't gotten any abstracts yet for my
session.  Ahem!  Juris

P.S. Sorry for lineation screw-up; haven't got the hang of this
new mailer yet.  All my fault.
>     From: [log in to unmask]
>     Date: 9/3/96  5:47:21PM
>     To: ANSAXNET
>     Subject: The End is Near
>             September 15 is the deadline for submissions of
>     proposals (abstracts) for papers for the 1997 Congress 
>     at Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo).
>     The deadline is both for General Sessions, which the
>     Program Committee here forms from proposals sent us by
>     as well as for Special Sessions and for Sponsored
>     For a  list of Special and Sponsored Sessions at which
you might place a
>     suitable  paper, please consult our Website:


>     Snail mail information went out in July to those who
>     maintained their current address with us.
>             I would be grateful if those on multiple lists
>     would cross-post.
>     Proposals are coming in now for the May 8-11, 1997
>     32nd Congress, and the
>     response to a "Call for Chairs" has been
>     encouraging.
>             We have already received the first formal
>     proposals for the 33rd Congress, scheduled for May 7-10,
>     "Administrare vivere est."

>     Paulus