dear Thomas
I haven't gone and looked recently,  but I thought that the canon says 
something like "because physical illness is sometimes caused by sin,  you 
should go to a priest before going to a doctor";  and I had also wondered 
whether one reason for doing this might be to discourage people on their 
death beds letting Cathar and Waldensian doctors near them (nb there are 
many more Waldensian doctors than Cathar ones,  as far as we know).
Um ... i've also lost track of the discussion.
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 On Tue, 17 Sep 1996, Thomas Izbicki wrote:

> The Fourth Lateran Council did subordinate cure of the body's ills to 
> cure of sould in c. 22.  This was not to discourage medical care but to 
> discourage use of any remedies - not enumerated - which might undermine 
> chances of salvation.  It might be interesting to follow up canonistic 
> commentary & casuistic literature to determine whether more detail is 
> given on such remedies.
> tom izbicki