Thanks for the response.  I'm looking specifically for info
on what might have happened at these feasts--and also whether
this was a day or evening event. I know Haskins' book, though what I'm
looking for I cannot find here (unless I've read past it).
  Also--would appreciate
any references on 'feast-eves'--in 14th century England.

D. Dale

On Wed, 11 Sep 1996, Michelle Sauer-Bures wrote:

> Hi, your official 400th subscriber here--
> I'm posting this in response to D. Dale's request for info on Mary
> Magdalen (Feast day July 22, I believe).  Her cult reached a peak of
> popularity between the 13th and 15th centuries, and her vita was a
> "bestseller." In some cases, severe penances were meted out to people who
> worked on her feast day.
> I suggest that one of the books you consult be Susan Haskins' <Mary
> Magdalen:  Myth and Metaphor> Harper Collins 1993.  I utilized this great
> book for a conference paper (in part on MM) that I gave last year at the
> Hope this helps.
> Michelle