Hi Helen,

    It sounds like this might be related to the academic year display hiding the assessment. I expect that the assessment is still in the database.

Could you confirm which version of WebPA you are running?

Many thanks,


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Hi everyone,


Happy New Year to you all.


We have WebPA integrated via LTi into our Blackboard installation.  Iíve had a support ticket from an academic who has reported the following:


Hi there, I seem to have lost an assessment in BlackBoard while trying to re-open it to allow extra time for students to complete it.  I changed the end date, and it showed up as open in my account but students could not see it.  I then changed the start date to today's date and can no longer see the assessment. 


In My Assessments, the Academic Year to View has changed to 2018-19 - maybe this is the problem? But there is no option to select 19-20.


I'm hoping I haven't lost the original assessment as most students had completed it! Any advice would be much appreciated.


Iíve logged into the module myself but cannot see any assignments any open, pending, closed or marked, and I too am unable to change the academic year.


Iíve done a data sync and can see the form for the 1920 academic year, but I have no idea where to find the assessment.


Can anyone help?


Many thanks in advance




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