Likewise no data here from the Jazz Centre UK to share but v interested in results.

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Hi Jenny 

I'd also be very interested in the report if you intend to share- as someone working in a museum due to open next year I don't have any data for you, but this would be of great value.


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Hi Jenny,
I don’t have any data to share but would be interested in the report if you have plans to share it publicly.

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Hi all, 


We’ve recently completed a 6 month pilot of contactless donations in the museums, libraries and gardens at the University of Oxford and I’m currently pulling together a report on the success of the project. I wondered if anyone with contactless stations in their institutions would be happy to share figures (donations per visitor would be fine so you don’t have to give out actual donation figures) and any lessons learnt about best practice for messaging around the stations, what most motivates your visitors, and ideal physical location?


Happy to be contacted off list if that is easier. 


Best wishes, 





Jennifer Townshend

Digital Engagement Lead
Oxford University Gardens, Libraries & Museums (GLAM), University of Oxford

[log in to unmask] 01865 613055 | 


I am based at the Pitt RiversMuseum, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PW

My working days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday


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