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Subject: [ganm] Please circulate this commentary widely "Midwifery is a vital solution" - gender inequalities constrain global progress
I would be grateful if you could circulate this brief Commentary, published in the Journal Birth , and written through a collaboration of WHO, UNICEF; UNFPA, and key academics.


The focus is on how gender inequalities block progress in global health,  and the Commentary provides the evidence of a skewed research agenda that focuses on  obstetrics and emergencies  and constraining evidence and investment on the impact of midwifery care (which of course includes nurses).


We also hope that these key messages will be taken up in the SOWN and SOWMy reports, as well as throughout 2020 and beyond.


Thanks and best wishes



Fran McConville,

Technical Officer, Midwifery

MCA Dept. & Office of Chief Nurse

WHO HQ, Geneva

Landline + 41 22 7912 625 

Mobile    +41 79 475 54 55


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