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I just wanted to share this free event The Audience Agency is holding in partnership with Social Value Uk and MB Associates.

Making & Measuring Social Impact in the cultural sector

Thursday 14 November, 11 am - 4 pm at the University of Leeds.

This FREE workshop is an opportunity to share your best practice, learn from others, contribute to the conversation and agree a joined-up approach which plays to all our strengths.

We want to bring people together to see how we can be bigger than the sum of our parts. And we don't want to re-invent the wheel – this event is designed to build on previous similar discussions rather than start from scratch again.

Please feel free to share this invitation with colleagues and others who may be interested.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for socially engaged practitioners and organisations that have some expertise in managing their social impact and value, perhaps working in participatory ways. We hope delegates will bring their own examples of good practice as well as using the event as a learning opportunity.

What we will explore:

  *   Why is managing impact important?
  *   Different approaches to measuring social value.
  *   How organisations have found ways to talk about the value and impact of their work. Case studies from different cultural organisations.
  *   Where Audience Finder fits with these methodologies – and how it could support more effectively.
  *   How cultural networks have worked on important issues to date.
  *   Practical round table sessions led by attendees, focusing on your experience, challenges and expertise.
  *   Understanding what gets in the way of measuring social impact, and how we could overcome barriers.
  *   How we could continue to work together to share best practice and strengthen our collective voice.

Book your FREE place here<>

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