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Although happening very soon, the below call for participants may be of interest to list members. The network meeting on computational knowledge production in domestic security practices is co-located with this year's Data Power Conference in Bremen. Apologies for cross-posting.


Call for participants – Deadline 31 August 2019

1st STS-Network Meeting for the Analysis of Computational Knowledge Production in Domestic Security Practices

13 & 14 September 2019 

University of Bremen, Germany


Predictive analytics and algorithmic risk assessments are becoming increasingly important in contemporary societies. With developments such as predictive policing, risk profiling of possible terrorists and recidivism risk assessments, security-related practices are progressively based on new, algorithmic forms of knowledge production.


While technologically-based knowledge production has always played an important role in the criminal justice system, the introduction of digital, algorithmically mediated technologies is accompanied by significant changes that are rendered opaque by being black-boxed. This is even more true, when it comes to sophisticated decision-making systems based on machine learning, often identified as Artificial Intelligence.


These developments are challenging, not least because they involve different fields of expertise, and consequently necessitate an interdisciplinary STS-approach for a comprehensive understanding of the current developments in security-related contexts.


Hence, the workshop aims to take concrete steps towards founding an international STS-network dedicated to the analysis of computational knowledge production in domestic security practices.


The workshop will focus on interdisciplinary network-building, especially with the intent to bring together researchers from social sciences, law and computational sciences and other relevant fields.


With kind support from the EASST fund, we will be able to offer help with travel costs for early-career researchers.


Please send an email to [log in to unmask] by 31 August 2019 to register or to discuss funding options.


We are looking forward to meeting you,


Jens Hälterlein (University of Hagen, Germany), Daniel Marciniak (University of Essex, UK)

PhD Candidate
Department of Sociology
University of Essex, UK

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