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Intellect is pleased to announce that the *International Journal of
Francophone Studies* 22.1&2 is now available!

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*Aims & Scope*

The premiere bilingual outlet for Francophone postcolonial studies,
Francophone Studies is a peer-reviewed, international, interdisciplinary
journal that enables extensive opportunities for the study of ‘France
outside France'. It promotes groundbreaking research on the fundamental
nature of the relationship between colonial history and culture, and
postcolonial cultural production. Interests have developed to include the
impact of modern French culture in global world culture and the impact of
this global culture on French hexagonal culture, and subsequent
intellectual, cultural and political developments.

*Issue 22.1&2*


Plurilinguisme dans l’œuvre de Katalin Molnár

Julia Ori

Unveiling the Myth of Mars and Venus in French rap: An analysis of the
gender determinants of non-standard language use

Martin Verbeke

The black Mediterranean reimagined: Counterfactual world-building in
francophone speculative fiction

Antje Ziethen

The New Caledonian referendum: Events, processes, decolonization

Peter Brown

*Review Articles*

Réflexion sur la condition féminine dans Presqu’une vie de Carmen Toudonou
et Mutilée de Khady Kiota

Vincent Nnaemeka Obidiegwu and Christiana Amaka Epundu

De l’Exil à la désillusion dans Un Papillon dans la cité, L’Exil selon
Julia et Chair Piment de Gisèle Pineau

Vincent Nnaemeka Obidiegwu


The Colonial Fortune in Contemporary Fiction in French, Oana Panaïté (2017)

Mohit Chandna

Post-Migratory Cultures in Postcolonial France, Kathryn Kleppinger and
Laura Reeck (eds) (2018)

Swati Dasgupta

Postcolonial Poetics: 21st-Century Critical Readings, Elleke Boehmer (2018)

Rachel Gregory Fox

Nouveaux entretiens avec Maryse Condé: écrivain et témoin de son temps,
Françoise Pfaff (2016)

Vanessa Lee

Les Lieux de mémoire de la guerre d’indépendance algérienne, Emmanuel

Anne Marie Miraglia

La Littérature haïtienne dans la modernité. De la conférence à la
publication, Anne Marty (2017)

Anne Marie Miraglia

From Empire to Exile: History and Memory within the pied-noir and harki
Communities 1962–2012, Claire Eldridge (2016)

Paul Max Morin

La Francosphère littéraire et l’empreinte française, Elena Prus (2012)

Efstratia Oktapoda

The End of the Cognitive Empire: The Coming of Age of Epistemologies of the
South, Bonaventura de Sousa Santos (2018)

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