Hi Friends and Colleagues,

Sorry for any x-posting...but...Happy to announce that my new book *Against
Transmission: Media Philosophy and the Engineering of Time* is now out in
paperback (and now much more affordable!)

Here's the blurb:
In *Against Transmission *Barker rethinks the history of audio-visual media
as a history of analytical instruments. Rather than viewing media history
as the commonly told story of synthetic media (media that make a new whole
from connecting separate parts), by focusing on the analytical function of
mediation *Against Transmission* is able to focus on the way that the media
that have historically been used to count, measure and analyse experience
still continue to provide the condition for contemporary life. By studying
the engineering of transmission, transduction and storage through the prism
of process philosophy, the book interrogates how the understanding of
media-as-machine may offer new ways to describe a particular
phenomenological relationship to the world, asking: what can the hardware
of machines that segment information into very small elements tell us about
experiences of time, memory and history?


Dr Timothy Barker
Senior Lecturer in Digital Media
School of Culture and Creative Arts
University of Glasgow

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