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Some of you may be interested in CfP below.
Please note - as this is a reminder - that the deadline for submissions 
is 15 July 2019.

5-6 December 2019. Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany.

The ECREA Communication and Democracy Section invites contributions to 
an off-year workshop on the political implications of privacy. Questions 
related to the individual and organizational management of information 
boundaries spread across the field of communication and media studies. 
Herein, politics, in a narrow and broader sense, play a role in myriad 
ways: How can one conceive of privacy as realized within mediated 
societal and communicative relations? How can we explore the management 
of privacy affecting processes of institutionalized and practice-based 
joint decision-making? How is privacy imprinted in technology? Which 
notions of privacy play a role across policies and media?

This workshop explores contemporary and future directions of 
commu­ni­ca­tion and media research perspectives on political 
implications of privacy. Beyond well-established fields of media related 
privacy research, such as media psychology or privacy activism, we seek 
for debates across the disci­pline. Political dimensions of privacy 
emerge in diverse communication and media subfields, such as political 
commun­ication, journalism, media management or visual communication. We 
invite diverse contributions, irrespective of whether relational, 
rational, contextual, differential concepts of privacy or even 
approaches beyond privacy, such as data justice, are applied.


Constanze Kurz, Chaos Computer Club

Constanze Kurz is a German Computer scientist and a privacy activist. 
She is spokeswoman of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) - Europe’s largest 
and one of the world’s oldest hacker organizations. Constanze Kurz is an 
author of several non-fiction books and works as a journalist for

Sami Coll, University of Geneva

Sami Coll is a French sociologist, currently working at the University 
of Geneva. His research focuses on big data, surveillance, privacy and 
data transparency. He publishes both academic and journalistic work.

More information on the workshop (and the follow-up special issue of 
"Media and Communication" open-access journal) can be found here:

dr hab Jakub Nowak
Zakład Dziennikarstwa / Department of Journalism
Wydział Politologii / Faculty of Political Science
UMCS w Lublinie / Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin,1974,pl.html

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