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mBrainTrain is going to hold the first workshop in Belgrade, on September
30 and October 1st aiming at sharing knowledge and best practices in mobile
EEG studies.

Many groups often spend valuable time by solving the issues that other
groups had already faced and solved before. The aim of the conference is to
address these issues.

The speakers at the workshop are the pioneers in the domain and have
previously conducted studies and faced many of the problems. On the other
hand, mbt team will act as a knowledge peer and hold hands-on sessions.

This conference is aimed at both new comers and experienced researchers and
help jump-start complex experiments.

Topics covered:
- Setting up outdoor EEG experiments
- Artifacts handling
- Wireless synchronization and triggering
- Using Matlab and EEGLab for signal processing
- EEG on mobile phone
- Example studies, MOBI (Berlin) experiences and more

Preliminary program can be seen here:

The workshop will be limited in size and places are expected to be soon
filled-out. Registration can be done via conference webpage:

If you believe it might be interesting to someone else than yourself and
your colleagues, please feel free to share the info.

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*Meet us at the following events and conferences!*
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June 09-13 I Rome, Italy
IGS2019 - YOUR BRAIN ON ART <> I June 09-13
I Cancun, Mexico
SAMBA - The 3rd Salzburg Mind-Brain Annual Meeting
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GBCIC2019 - The 8th Graz BCI Conference
Sept 16-20 I Graz, Austria
*mbt Workshop <> I Sept 30 - Oct 1 I Belgrade,
NEUROSCIENCE 2019 - SfN's 49th annual meeting
<> I Oct 19-23 I Chicago, IL,


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Co-Founder, CEO

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