<mailto:[log in to unmask]>One PhD and one Postdoc position (3 years) on 7T-Microstructural Imaging & Aging

The Institute for Cognitive Neurology and Dementia Research (IKND) and the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) are unique research centers dedicated to the subject of dementia and all its facets, as well as other neurodegenerative diseases. The IKND and DZNE stand for excellence in research and science management, translation of scientific results into practice, interdisciplinarity, and internationalization. With over 1000 employees from 55 nations, spread over 10 sites in Germany, the DZNE is one of the leading research centers in the field.

The positions will be based in the Microstructural Plasticity & Aging Research Group (<>) headed by Dr. Esther Kühn, which seeks (i) to understand fundamental mechanisms of human microstructural aging using 7T-MRI, (ii) to gain fundamental knowledge on structure-function interactions in the human somatosensory system, and (iii) to develop novel diagnostic tools and interventions that help maintain people’s independence. In this project, we will investigate how human aging affects the cortical myeloarchitecture in the somatosensory system, and its interaction with sensory processing mechanisms using a unique combination of 7T-MRI, psychophysical modelling, and machine learning.

For more information, please look at the specific job advertisements:

PhD position:ühn.pdf<>

Postdoc position:ühn.pdf<>

First possible starting date is August 1, 2019. Please feel free to contact me for further details ([log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>)

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Dr. Esther Kuehn
Group Leader
IKND & DZNE Magdeburg
Phone: 0049-39167-24612