Hi Ariadna,

1. Correct.
2. Correct.

If you want to make things easier, in the results you can choose "ROI
analysis", and choose a mask from saved image (or create a mask). The mask
can be made with the aid of WFU Pickatlas built in SPM, and can cover
multiple regions (unilateral and bilateral are both OK). By conducting such
ROI analysis, the statistics should be similar, both the stat table and
glassbrain are updated, and you don't need to manually adjust for the p
values as for point #1, as all ROIs are analyzed together.

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> Dear SPM experts,
> In a previous post from 2014  (
>;a8cc49ee.1401),  I saw
> it was possible  to " Divide the SVC threshold by the number of times
> you've performed the SVC."
> 1. I guess the number of times you've performed the SVC corresponds to the
> number of regions, right?
> 2. Secondly I would like to know if the  following steps are correct:
> "Go with "none" for p value adjustment to control, followed by e.g. .001
> and 0 for extent threshold. Then press SVC, define the small volume. The
> table should now show SVC-adjusted results (note that the glassbrain is NOT
> updated!), you would have to check whether any of pFWE-corr under
> "cluster-level" are smaller than .05"? As mentioned in this post:
> Thank you in advance,
> Ariadna