IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence
 <> <>19-24 July 2020, Scottish Event Campus <>, Glasgow. <>
On behalf of the WCCI Organizing Committee <>, it is our great pleasure to invite you to the IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence.

The 2020 IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (IEEE WCCI 2020) is the world's largest technical event in the field of computational intelligence. IEEE WCCI 2020 will host three flagship conferences under one roof :
IJCNN - International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (cooperation between IEEE-CIS & INNS)
FUZZ-IEEE - IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems
IEEE-CEC   - IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation
This encourages cross-fertilisation of ideas among the three big areas and provides a forum for intellectuals from all over the world to discuss and present their research findings on computational intelligence.

Important deadlines:  <>

15Nov2019	Special Session & Workshop Proposals
15Dec2019	Competition & Tutorial Proposals
15Jan2020	Paper submission
15Mar2020	Paper Acceptance Notification
15Apr2020	Final paper submission & Early registration 
19-24Jul2020 	Conference Dates

Calls: <>
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Call for Papers <> : Papers for IEEE WCCI 2020 should be submitted electronically using the Congress website <> and will be refereed by experts in the fields and ranked based on the criteria of originality, significance, quality and clarity. 

Call for Special Sessions: IEEE WCCI 2020 solicits proposals for special sessions within the technical scope of the three conferences. Special sessions are to be organized by internationally recognized experts, aim to bring together researchers in special focused topics. Cross-fertilization of the three technical disciplines and newly emerging research are strongly encouraged. Inquiries regarding special sessions and proposals should be addressed to Special Sessions Chairs :
Richard Duro, University of A Coruña. Spain <mailto:Richard Duro. Special Session Co-Chair. WCCI2020          Glasgow. Uof A Coru%C3%B1a. Spain<[log in to unmask]>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20FUZZ%20Special%20Sessions%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>
Humberto Bustince, Public University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain <mailto:Humberto Bustince. Special Session Co-Chair.          WCCI2020 Glasgow. Public Uof Navarra. Pamplona. Spain<[log in to unmask]>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20CEC%20Special%20Sessions%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>
David Corne, Heriot-Watt University, Scotland, UK <mailto:David Corne. Special Session Co-Chair. WCCI2020          Glasgow. Heriot-Watt U. Scotland. UK<[log in to unmask]>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20IJCNN%20Special%20Sessions%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>
Xiao-Jun Zeng, University of Manchester, UK <mailto:Xiao-Jun Zeng. Special Session Co-Chair.          WCCI2020 Glasgow. Uof Manchester. UK<[log in to unmask]>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20Cross-disciplinary%20and%20Applications%20Special%20Sessions%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>Call for Tutorials: IEEE WCCI 2020 will feature pre-Congress tutorials, covering fundamental and advanced topics in computational intelligence. A tutorial proposal should include title, outline, expected enrollment, and presenter/organizer biography. Inquiries regarding tutorials should be addressed to Tutorials Chairs :
Barbara Hammer, Bielefeld University, Germany <mailto:Barbara Hammer. Tutorial Session Co-Chair.          WCCI2020 Glasgow. Bielefeld U. Germany<[log in to unmask]>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20Tutorials%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>
Plamen Angelov, Lancaster University, UK <mailto:Plamen Angelov. Tutorial Session Co-Chair.          WCCI2020 Glasgow. Lancaster U. UK<[log in to unmask]>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20Tutorials%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>
Ponnuthurai Suganthan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore <mailto:Ponnuthurai Suganthan. Tutorial Session          Co-Chair. WCCI2020 Glasgow. Nanyang TechU. Singapore<[log in to unmask]>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20Tutorials%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>
Call for Competitions: IEEE WCCI 2020 will host competitions to stimulate research in computational intelligence. A competition proposal should include descriptions of the problem(s) addressed, evaluation procedures, and a biography of the organizers. Inquiries regarding competitions should be addressed to the Competitions Chairs :
Huanhuan Chen, University of Science and Technology of China, China <mailto:Huanhuan Chen. Competition Co-Chair. WCCI2020          Glasgow. Uof Science and Technology of China. China<[log in to unmask]>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20Competitions%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>
Jialin Liu, Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China <mailto:Jialin Liu. Competition Co-Chair. WCCI2020          Glasgow. Southern UofS&T. Shenzhen. China<[log in to unmask]>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20Competitions%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>
Bill Buchanan, Edinburgh Napier University, UK <mailto:Bill Buchanan. Competition Co-Chair. WCCI2020          Glasgow. Edinburgh Napier U. UK<[log in to unmask]>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20Competitions%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>
Christos Panayiotou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus <mailto:Christos Panayiotou. Competition Co-Chair.          WCCI2020 Glasgow. Uof Cyprus. Cyprus<>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20Competitions%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>
Call for Workshops: The 2020 IEEE WCCI invites proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with the main event. The overall purpose of a workshop is to provide participants with the opportunity to present and discuss novel research ideas on active and emerging topics of Computational Intelligence. Topics of the proposed workshops       should therefore be aligned with those set forth in the call for papers for the main event. Prospective workshop organizers are invited to submit their proposals to the Workshops Chairs below:
Ali Minai, University of Cincinnati, USA <mailto:Ali Minai. Workshop Co-Chair. WCCI2020 Glasgow.          Uof Cincinnati. USA<[log in to unmask]>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20Workshops%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>
Lipo Wang, National Technological University of Singapore <mailto:Lipo Wang. Workshop Co-Chair. WCCI2020 Glasgow.          National TechU. Singapore<[log in to unmask]>?subject=WCCI2020%20Glasgow,%20UK%20-%20Workshops%20Inquiry&body=Add%20your%20[questions,%20comments],%20then%20send.>

Venue: IEEE WCCI 2020 will be held in Glasgow, Scotland, UK - one of Europe's most dynamic cultural capitals and the "World's Friendliest City" [Rough Guide 2015]. Steeped in culture, rich in history and alive with an excitement you can sense as you walk through its elegant Victorian streets, squares, parks and gardens. The Conference will be held at the prestigious Scottish Event Campus (SEC) <>, which was a key venue for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.


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