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The School of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia, has four generously-supported PhD positions, all of which are involved with resource industry partners.


Theme 1 (2 PhD positions): First-cycle provenance information for Western Australia – The aims of this research are to enhance stratigraphic understanding of sedimentary sequences in Western Australia through application of novel provenance fingerprinting tools in K-feldspar (Pb isotopes) and apatite (U-Pb, Sr isotopes and grain chemistry). Provenance studies of K-feldspar and apatite will be undertaken on a state-wide basis and include case studies in the Yilgarn Craton and Canning and Northern Carnarvon Basins.


Theme 2 (2 PhD positions): Integrated 3G – geochronology–geochemistry–grain shape: a new toolkit for mineral sands understanding The aims of this research are to establish the effectiveness of new integrated approaches to characterise enigmatic aspects of grain and basin histories, and ultimately, define significant controls on heavy mineral sand systems. The basic understanding of mineral sand deposit genesis has remained largely unchanged for several decades, and while the geological logic remains sound, most accepted primary controls (e.g., source-transport-upgrading-trap-preservation) remain untested or unquantified in terms of their significance for the magnitude of deposits.


Full details can be found on Earthworks and via the Curtin scholarships website


Feel free to e-mail Milo Barham ([log in to unmask]) for any queries and/or additional info.



Tim Johnson

School of Earth and Planetary Sciences

Space Science and Technology Centre

Curtin University


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