Hi everyone,

Apologies for cross-posting and a bit off-topic. Our conservator has been contacted by one of the team at the Afghanistan National Gallery who are trying to conserve the artworks that were hidden from the Taliban to stop them being destroyed.

He is looking for unwanted conservation equipment and any help spreading the word would be greatly appreciated.

I'm afraid I don't have much more information but if you are able to help, please contact him directly.



Eleanor Root
Collections and Learning Curator (Community)
Colchester + Ipswich Museums
01473 433550

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Dear Robert,
Greetings from Kabul! Great to meet you at the ICON conference last week. I had to leave on the first day but I thought the first few talks were fascinating.

I wanted to follow up on your excellent suggestion of approaching museums and asking them to donate obsolete equipment. I have just been teaching the basics of environmental monitoring to the staff here at the National Gallery. It is hard going, but they are receptive. Low-tech solutions, such as using a recording thermohygrograph would be incredibly valuable to the people here. There is little in the way of IT equipment and even less technical knowledge. The environment is far from ideal - very dry and hot  - but also windows are left open regularly and dust ingress is a perennial problem.

If you can give me any leads on sourcing any out of use equipment, I have the contacts to ship it to Kabul, and it would certainly be a great start to taking care of the collections here.

Very best wishes,

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