Dear expert,

        I want to get the warp_field from the standard space template to the linearly registered T1 image. How should I perform invwarp? 
        I have tried to do this as follows,
"flirt -ref Template -in struc_brain.nii.gz -omat flirt_transf.mat -out flirt_brain
fnirt --in=struc_brain.nii.gz --aff=flirt_transf.mat --cout=fnirt_transfcoef --ref=Template
applywarp --ref=Template --in=struc_brain.nii.gz --warp=fnirt_transfcoef --out=fnirt_brain
invwarp --ref=struc_brain.nii.gz --warp=fnirt_transfcoef.nii.gz --out=warpfield_into_struc_ space"
       But the resulting warp_field is the same size as the T1 image of the original space. This should not be the warp_field from the template to the linear registration image I want to get. So, what should I do for this?
       Your help is greatly appreciated.


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