I get the following fsl error related to the beta estimations (while running film_gls):


Prewhitening and Computing PEs...

Percentage done:


error: pinv(): svd failed


pinv(): svd failed


In my case, film_gls is being run as part of the HCP task analysis pipelines which involves splitting a CIFTI file and running the estimation for the subcortical volumetric data and each surface separately. The codes are fine as I only get this error

for one run (in one subject) and while estimating the left surface (subcortical estimation ran fine). The design matrix doesn’t contain any NaNs or empty EVs neither does the timeseries for that hemisphere (also std(timeseries) did not give any zeros).


The way film_gls is called is as follows (filenames shortened for simplicity):




--sa --ms=15 --epith=5







The HCP list recommended to remove the ‘--sa --ms=15 --epith=5’ to probe the error further and this did actually solve the problem. Any ideas what would this indicate?






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